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AK Front Sight Blocks and Bayonet Lugs - Check out the AK Front Sight Block and AK Bayonet Lug pages to order. We are making them for all the Saiga and VEPR rifles!


AKS-12 & AKS-20 parts back in stock!

Put AK Handguards on your shotgun - Check out the Saiga-12 and Saiga-20 pages to order!


04-22-13 - We have some conversion kits put together on the Conversion Parts page.

04-16-13 - We have updated the 922r page with the last atf definition letter (dated 12-02-2011) on countable parts on the Saiga-12. Many people are not aware the trunnion and operating rod were added.

Our Products and Services

We provide a variety of quality parts, accessories and tools for Saiga and other Kalashnikov type firearms. Our product line is geared mainly for the do-it-yourselfer and most items can be installed with minimal tools and equipment.

You can save a lot of $$ doing conversions for yourself, but know the boundaries of your own abilities. Review our 922r Page to make sure you know what is legal and what is not when using certain magazines or swapping out certain parts. If you aren't confident in the task at hand, contact a professional.

Saiga PG Conversion Overview - Download this .pdf file for tips, suggestions, parts list and a brief overview of the pistol grip conversion.

We are not a FFL holder and do not sell firearms or convert them.

              Go from this plain factory config Saiga-12 shotgun...

              ...to a pistol grip converted, AK config, Saiga-12

From handguard retainers, gas tubes, brakes, bullet guides, gas pistons, threading kits and compliance parts. Many of the Saiga parts, tools and accessories will also work on other firearms, so feel free to ask if you need any specific dimensions or specifications.



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If you need a NFA or gun trust set up, I personally recommend Mr. David Goldman - the Gun Trust Lawyer! Check out his site and be sure to tell him I sent you over!

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Custom Wood Stock Sets


Dinzag Arms Stockset - Click the thumbnails for a larger view - sorry not for sale...


Skull Stockset - Click the thumbnails for a larger view - also not for sale

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Thank you to everyone for your business and support! Supporting small home-grown businesses such as ours and others are the key to our future. We appreciate you choosing to spend your hard earned money with us, especially in these uncertain economic times. The majority of what we take in is turned right back into the local economy.