PDF instructions require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. It's a free download.

To download the following .pdf and .jpg files, right click then "Save Target As" and download it to your hard drive. If you want to open it, just click the link.

Saiga Conversion Tips

Saiga PG Conversion Overview - Download this .pdf file for tips, suggestions, parts list and a brief overview of the pistol grip conversion.

AKS12 Assembly Instructions

S12 Gas Tube Assy Install - Instructions for installing standard AK handguards on the Saiga-12 Shotguns.

Bullet Guides & Magazines

Bullet Guide Install - instructions for installing all bullet guides I offer.

7.62x39 Magazine Options - Three ways to use high-cap AK magazines in your x39 Saiga rifle.

.223 Magazine Options - Three ways to use high-cap AK magazines in your 223 Saiga rifle.

Magazine Catch Hardware - $5 kit for working on Saiga/AK mag catch levers.

FCG Instructions

Tapco G2 FCG Install - instructions for installing Tapco AK fcg's.

Arsenal FCG Flier - Promotional Flier for the Arsenal brand FCG.

Saiga, Vepr & AK Rifle Piston Install

Piston Install - instructions for installing new pistons in your Saiga, Vepr or AK bolt carrier.

Barrel Threading & Crowning

Threading Instructions - Tips for shotgun & rifle threading.

S12 Barrel Threading - Supplement for threading the barrel to factory specs.

S308 Front Sight Block - Removal & Reinstall instructions for the Saiga 308 so you can thread the barrel.

Crowning Kit - Instructions for crowning your rifle or shotgun barrel.

Muzzle Cutter Kit - Instructions for cutting barrel OD down on your rifle.

Saiga Tech Specs & Drawings

Saiga Owners Manual - Owners Manual from EAA importation, all models included.

Saiga Receiver Template - Template for cutting the pistol grip nut hole when you do the conversion. This is not to scale.

Bolt Hold Open Diagram - Diagram for proper BHO lever and spring position.

Saiga-12 BHO Notch - This mod to the S12 BHO lever makes safety lever removal & reinstall much simpler.

Polishing Saiga-12 - Author unknown, but great tips for polishing up the action on a Saiga-12.

Rifle Side Folder Drawing - Drawing showing dimensions for receiver modifications to install the AK-100 series sidefolder buttstock and latch.

Saiga-12C Receiver Mods - Drawing showing dimensions for receiver modifications for the forward receiver latch on the Saiga-12C shotguns. The forward latch is different on these.

Dinzag Arms Wallpaper

Dinzag Arms Wallpaper

Dinzag Arms Wallpaper 1024x768 - Wallpaper image provided by Juggernaut.

Saiga Parts Count

The ATF's definition of Saiga-12 parts count Page 1 and Page 2. In 2007, Soupbowl industries wrote a letter to the ATF requesting the official parts count on the Saiga 12 shotgun. This is the ATF's official definition.

Another letter - batfe-s12_10-13-11.pdf - was issued to a private party in 2011 and this replaces the previous definition letter. They added a few more countable parts for the shotguns. Please read this! What you may have previously believed to be legal may have changed!

Also see my 922R page for further information.