Saiga US Gas Piston Options

These are my options for replacing the gas pistons in your rifles. The Saiga & AK74 pistons are made for AK74's and the Saiga 7.62x39, .223 and .308 standard rifles and also the Saiga 100 series 30-06 and 308 rifles. The AK47 pistons are for the AKM and AK47 variants. Saiga and AK-74 are shorter than standard AK-47 pistons. This is a great way to add an additional compliance part. I now offer several options for getting set up with one.

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# GPHARD - $6 - Piston Hardware - 2 drills & pin only.

# SAIPISTON - $18 - Saiga/Vepr/74 Gas Piston Only - US made.

# AK47PISTON - $18 - AK47 Gas Piston Only - US made.

# SAIGAPIK - $23 - Saiga/Vepr/74 Gas Piston Install Kit - US made piston, 2 drills & pin.

# AK47PIK - $23 - AK47 Gas Piston Install Kit - US made piston, 2 drills & pin.

# M12X125TAP - $12 - Carrier Tap Purchase - tap only.

# GPINST - $25 - Gas Piston Install - This includes the labor only. You need to send me your bolt carrier and either purchase a piston (above) or send me one to use. Shipping address is supplied upon checkout in your order confirmation email and can also be found on my Terms & Condition page.

Gas Piston Install

The kit contains a US made piston (marked U.S. or U.S.A.), a gas piston pin and two drill bits. The piston pins are different than pictured, they now have a straight shank.

To install in a Saiga, centerpunch the divots in the carrier, then drill them up to the large drill bit and unscrew the factory piston. A vise is pretty much a requirement. You don't want to drill completely through the piston and pop through the opposite side of the carrier - adding an extra hole - so just drill part way in on each side. If you have an AK47/74 you may find the piston is installed with a pin. If that's the case, remove the pin first.

Next, screw in the new piston and back out 0.015" or 1/3 of a turn.

If it screws in really hard or doesn't want to go you may need to chase the threads with a tap. (M12x1.25RH) I have some I can rent out - see above. I highly recommend doing this.

Finally, drill through with supplied bits and install new cross pin. It helps to drill in 1/2 way from each side with the smaller cobalt drill, keeping a close eye to get the holes lined up with each other. Next drill through, then ream to size with the larger drill bit. Hammer the pin in and grind flush with the surface of the carrier.

Saiga, Vepr & AK Piston Install Instructions

Piston Install - instructions for installing new pistons in your Saiga, Vepr or AK bolt carrier.