Pumpkin Shoot '08

Here's a Motley Crue - Pic taken at the end of the day - sorry we missed the rest of you! Sort of our own mini Knob Creek. Had a good turnout and a ton of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out! Perfect weather, awesome food! Beverages provided by Drew & Lorie - thanks as always!







Russian American Armory Company

A special THANKS! goes out to Mr. Clyde Woods at Russian American Armory Company who donated a bunch of merchandise to the event. Everyone there really appreciated it, even a few who have never even fired a Saiga. We had pretty much every make & model of Saiga there in many various setups for anyone to check out and fire. RAAC is the current importer of our beloved Saigas and does an excellect job at keeping in touch with the end consumer.

Springers Pizza of Lapeer

Also I can't leave out our good friend Brett who owns & operates Springers Pizza in Lapeer. Those were some really wicked pizzas you sent over and we appreciate the awesome deal! If anyone gets hungry while you are out at the pit, give these guys a shout at 810-667-6400. They aren't afraid to deliver under heavy fire. Tell them Dinzag Arms sent you! They also do catering and they're open at 10:00am every day of the week!