Pumpkin Shoot '09

Had a good turnout, was a ton of fun and the weather couldn't have been better. Was quite busy there and a ton of full autos turning $$$ into noise. Many pumpkins perished under the heavy fire as well as Mickey Mouse getting his innards blown all over the place. There was also a bowling ball launcher. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Pumpkin Shoot Pics






Pumpkin Shoot Videos

Sorry Drew   Mickey vs S12

Beast in action (left) - Mickey -vs- Saiga-12 (right)

Pumpkin Launcher   Pumpkin Death

Pumpkin Launcher (left) and misc shooting (right)

Some great videos posted on YouTube by Joe - nice work, thanks!







Cadiz Gun Works

An extra special THANKS! goes out to Mr. Tom Cole from Cadiz Gun Works who drove up from Ohio and brought a bunch of his toys including the famous F/A S12 - The Beast. Sorry the pizza guy broke the krink :(   That aside, it was great to meet you & Vicki and I appreciate the opportunity to have hands on with some real sweet weapons!

A few videos that Tom shot as well - thanks buddy!




Springers Pizza of Lapeer

Also I can't leave out our good friend Brett who owns & operates Springers Pizza in Lapeer. Those were some really wicked pizzas. BTW, your delivery guy owes Tom a free pizza or something. If anyone gets hungry while you are out at the pit, give these guys a shout at 810-667-6400. They aren't afraid to deliver under heavy fire. Tell them Dinzag Arms sent you! They also do catering and they're open at 10:00am every day of the week!