Saiga-100 Series .308

This page is dedicated to parts I have available for the Saiga 100 Series 308 rifle. Many of the parts below can be installed with simple hand tools. Others will require a bit more skill, but all hardware and instructions are available.

Shown here is a factory configuration rifle as imported.


Saiga-100 series with bolt-on retainer, gas tube and AK handguards.

I'm sorry our selections are pretty limited for these rifles. The number of them imported in the country is pretty low. Given the shape of the back of the receiver and the different triggerguard and mag catch setup, pistol grip conversions are very difficult.

Click image for more info Description Price Part # Purchase
Bolt-On Lower Handguard Retainer $59.00 AKBOR2 Order
Gas Tube Options $various AKGT2 Select
AK Front Sight Block $79.00 AKFSB Select
AK Bayonet Lug $35.00 AKBAYOLUG Select