Bolt-On Lower Handguard Retainer

This bolt-on lower handguard retainer is for the Saiga-12 and Saiga-20 shotguns. Installation of this retainer allows your shotgun to accept modified AK lower handguards only, not upper. Also this will not work with the Galil handguards, see Tromix for those. Install is simple, put on the handguard, then slip the retainer up from the bottom and tighten it to the gas block in the original handguard location with the supplied screw.

If you want to attach an upper handguard, check out my AKS-12 Upper Assembly.

The handguard itself will need to be relieved to fit the larger barrel diameter of the shotgun.

This part allows you to avoid having to press off the gas block and install a custom retainer. Also it's a great way to add a U.S. made handguard for one additional compliance part. Please note that the shotgun in the picture has been modified to have an AK rear sight block and detachable gas tube. That's not what is for sale, just the lower retainer.

This pic shows the lower retainer installed modified wood AK furniture.

This pic shows the lower retainer used with a modified synthetic railed handguard. This would be a typical application with no upper handguard.