S-12 Raised FSB's (short and tall)

New deluxe tall sight.

Note! The Saiga-12 front sight blocks will all have the captive index pin & spring as well as the through window. These are called the deluxe models. The standard tall & shorts will no longer be available.

The captive index pin & spring is used for indexing my AK-74 Brakes & Flash Hiders or any other attachment you want to notch. They also allow use of my bayonet lugs and M9 bayonets.

These front sight blocks include a standard AK sight post, windage drum, indexing pin and spring as well as two set-screws and an allen wrench. Short one is designed to be used with the factory sights and the taller one is designed to work with my AKS12 Upper Assembly with the AK rear sight block.


Left is the factory Russian FSB, it clamps on with a set screw at the rear. Ours uses 2 set screws and also has the captive index pin & spring.

Installation: Slip the FSB over the muzzle to just behind the threaded portion of the barrel. Screw on muzzle brake until tight, then back off so it is indexed in the desired position. Insert index spring and pin in FSB and push FSB forward so it is tight to the brake and the indexing pin engages the notch in the brake. Align the FSB with rear sight and gas block sight and tighten the set screws. If it looks nice & straight, remove one set screw, apply loctite and re-tighten. Remove the other set screw, apply loctite and retighten.


These pics show my FSB installed with the 74 Brake I offer. Shows older standard FSB design.