Saiga-12 RPK Handguard & Retainer

New from K-Var & Arsenal! RPK styled handguard and retainer (sold separately). They are very affordibly priced, get yours today!

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Saiga-12 RPK handguard and retainer shown assembled

The handguard is imported and does not count as a compliance part. Once assembled, you can attach your factory sling loop on the retainer tang to retain the use of a sling.

Saiga-12 RPK Handguard only

The handguard is molded to fit the receiver and clear the barrel front to back. Will only work with the RPK style handguard retainer. It's 100% plastic and does not include the retainer.


Saiga-12 Bolt-On RPK retainer only

The lower handguard retainer is steel and includes the proper M5 screw and hex key.