M9 Bayonet Lug

Brand New! This bayonet lug allows you to attach M9 AR15/M16 bayonets to your Saiga-12 and Saiga-20 shotguns. It will work with the Saiga-12 factory choke tubes or my '74 brakes and flash hiders. They will not work with factory Saiga-20 choke tubes. We also now offer excellent quality M-9 Bayonets!

The bayonet lug works best with the straight handled M9's, some of the large bulged handled ones will not clear the OD of the brakes & hiders.

Includes bayo lug, allen wrench and 3 set screws. It simply slips on the barrel and tightens down with the two 1/4" long set screws.


We have also found some bayonets fit better than others so we have an adjustment screw to tighten the fit to help minimize slop. Install the shorter 3/16" long set screw in the hole shown, leaving it slightly above the surface, to tighten the fit.