Saiga-12 Variants

This page only shows a few many of the possible configurations The Saiga-12 can be had in.

Factory config, threaded 19" barrel as imported.

Here is one converted to basic pistol grip configuration.

Saiga-AKS-12 - has AK gas system, sights and synthetic furniture.

Saiga-AKS-12 - has AK gas system, sights and laminate furniture.

Saiga-12 - with snazzy factory camo paint.

Saiga-12c - originally imported as LEO only with PG, AK FCG and sidefolder. This beauty belongs to Mr. Barnett - thanks!

Saiga-12k - short barrel.

Saiga-12s - experimental pump action.

Saiga-12 EXP-01-030 Swat model.

Saiga-12 EXP-01-040 model with wood furniture.

Vepr-12 Produced at the Molot factory.

Saiga-12 built by Team Sh!tbird in Finland.

Saiga-12 belt fed, built by Saiga-12 forum member Cobra76two, great for gunning geese!

Saiga-12 used on FireFly show

Saiga-12 built by Ray M. - nice work!

Sweet custom Saiga-12 Krink built by Ray M.