AKS-20 Handguard & Sight System

Brand new from Dinzag Arms!

This new Patent Pending system allows you to attach AK handguards to your Saiga-20. This is similiar to the last system, but with a few improvements. (see below)


Easily install AK handguards on your Saiga-20.

Windage and Elevation adjustable AK front sight block with standard AK sight tools.

Elevation adjustable standard AK rear sight leaf.

Double the sight radius for improved accuracy.


The biggest complaints with the previous design were difficulty of install and waiting times. We've addressed those by developing an entirely superior design manufactured with modern CNC technology. All parts are 100% steel and built to last.

#1 - Fast & Easy Install! You no longer have to remove the gas block pins and press the gas block off.

#2 - No waiting! You no longer have to send us your gas tube for modification if you choose not to. This is an out of the box replacement. Keep your original tube for a backup, or send it to us for trade-in to save even more $$.


First step is to remove the factory gas tube. There are a couple ways to do it, but first you need to remove the dust cover, recoil spring and bolt carrier assembly.

Next, either press the gas block forward and remove the factory tube intact or simply cut the tube off without pressing anything.

If you are pressing the gas block, remember to remove the 2 cross pins.

If you are cutting the tube, measure 5.5" minimum back from the gas block and mark the tube with a pencil. Cut through the tube at that mark and again immediately in front of the rear casting that engages the front of the receiver. This will give you enough clearance to remove the 2 pieces. Use a hack saw or an abrasive chop saw. Send us both pieces.

Prep Work

The tube, rear upper retainer and rear sight block will come assembled. Unscrew the tube and remove the retainer from the rear sight block.

Fit upper handguard to both of the upper retainers, trimming/filing/sanding where necessary. This will ease install. Fit lower handguard to the receiver and lower retainer and ensure it clears the barrel.

Fit the rear sight block to the front of the receiver. Gently tap it into place until fully seated.

Insert the rear upper retainer into the rear sight block.

Slide the gas tube through the rear upper retainer and screw it into rear sight block until tight.


Drop the rear sight block/tube assembly onto the shotgun and unscrew the gas tube to tighten against the gas block with a 3/4" wrench or crescent wrench.


Install the upper handguard by sliding the back end into the rear upper retainer on the tube and sliding the upper front retainer on to handguard and rotate down into place.


Slide keeper piece between the barrel and gas tube and attach with screws.

Install lower handguard into the receiver and screw the lower bolt-on retainer into the gas block.


Ordering Options

We have several options to choose from so please ask if you have any questions. If you need a custom package put together, Email Us!

The complete set includes the gas tube assembly, rear sight block, front sight block, lower handguard retainer, upper handguard retainer and 74 muzzle brake or hider.

NOTE! As of 06-09-2015 we are sold out of the rear sight block & gas tube assemblies. Email Us to be added to the notification list.

AKS20 RSB Assembly Only - Includes AKS20 rear right block, gas tube and upper handguard retainers.


Email Us - AKS20 - $299 - S20RSB, Tube & Upper Retainers Only

Email Us - AKS20CST - $249 - S20RSB, Tube & Upper Retainers w/ Customer Supplied Tube*

*you must send us your factory gas tube or gas tube pieces before we ship

AKS20 Full Set - Includes AKS20 assembly above as well as FSBS20TDX FSB, BOR1220 Lower HG Retainer and 74MB2075 - 74 style muzzle brake or 74FH2075 - 74 style flash hider. Aside from furniture, everything needed to do the front end on your S20.


Email Us - AKS20B - $549 - AKS20 RSB, FSB, Lower Ret & 74 Brake

Email Us - AKS20H - $549 - AKS20 RSB, FSB, Lower Ret & 74 Hider

Email Us - AKS20BCST - $499 - AKS20 RSB, FSB, Lower Ret & 74 Brake w/ Customer Supplied Tube*

Email Us - AKS20HCST - $499 - AKS20 RSB, FSB, Lower Ret & 74 Brake w/ Customer Supplied Tube*

*you must send us your factory gas tube or gas tube pieces before we ship

Downloads: (Adobe Acrobat required -> It's a free download)

AKS12 Shotgun Gas Tube Install - Similiar to the Saiga-20