308 FSB Work


Factory Configuration                 Installed One Pin Back                 End Of Barrel

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# 308FSBMOD - $35.00 - We modify your .308 FSB to sit one pin back.(includes hardware to install new rear pin)

You must send us your sight block for this modification!

This service is required to move the front sight block back to expose a portion of the barrel to thread. The front sight block sits at the end of the barrel and is cupped over the muzzle. The .308 Saigas come with two distinct barrel o.d.'s under the FSB. 0.631" which can be threaded for 5/8-24 and 0.671" which can be threaded for M17x1. Also the front sight block will need to be removed, decapped and bored to sit further back on the barrel. Going one pin rearward seems to be the popular choice as it allows you to reinstall the FSB with the existing front pin, then drill & install a new rear pin. The move also exposes enough of the barrel to get past the taper and allow enough area to be threaded. See .308 FSB Removal/Install .pdf file at the bottom of this page.


One Pin Back & Threaded                 With Brake Installed

For threading information and tool rental, check out the Threading Kits page.

Downloads: (Adobe Acrobat required -> It's a free download)

308 FSB Removal/Install