Bolt-On Lower Handguard Retainer

These are 100% steel! Aluminum loosens as the rifle heats up because it grows at a faster rate. Beware of cheap copies!

This bolt-on lower handguard retainer is for the .308 Saiga rifles and more recently, the 100 series 30-06 and 308. Installation of this retainer allows your rifle to accept regular AK lower handguards and cleaning rods. The handguard may need to be relieved to fit the larger barrel diameter of the rifle. Use of a modified AK gas tube (See AKGT2) will allow you to use an upper handguard.

This pic shows the retainer installed. Can be used with AK cleaning rods and AK furniture. Also it's a great way to add U.S. made handguards for one additional compliance part. Install is simple, just tighten the two cap screws after the handguard is on and you are done. There are also set screws for added bite. The orientation of the upper band to the lower is essential. Look for the I.D. stampings on the front face, they should face forward.

NOTE! - if the retainer will not tighten up correctly, contact us. Do not grind or attempt to make it fit. Over our history of making these, a couple guys have found their barrel to be oversized - less than 1%. We have a few of those on the shelf and will exchange them free of charge if the original is undamaged.