Press-On Upper Assembly for S-410

This press-on upper assembly is for the Saiga-410 shotgun. This is the option guys have been wanting for a long time. It's also a great way to add U.S. made handguards for one additional compliance part. Installation of this assembly allows your shotgun to accept unmodified AK upper handguards. Included are the gas tube/rear sight block assembly and standard AK adjustable rear sight.

Right now these take about 10-12 weeks to get back to you, just a FYI.

This was designed to be used with my Front Sight Block and my Bolt-On Lower Retainer. By going to an AK rear sight block and adding an upper handguard, the factory pin sight on the gas block will be too short. A Front Sight Block is required for proper line of sight.

For installation, this part requires you to press the gas block forward and remove your factory gas tube. You then send it to me to modify and add retainers and rear sight block. When you get it back from me, you slip it on the gun and press/drift the gas block back into place. See my Downloads Page for the Shotgun Gas Tube Install instructions.

This pic shows the upper assembly and Press-On Lower Retainer installed with wood AK furniture.

Downloads: (Adobe Acrobat required -> It's a free download)

Shotgun Gas Tube Install