AK74 Front Sight Block


This AK74 front sight block is compatible with all 7.62x39, all 5.45x39 and most .223 Saigas.

The Saiga-223's come with 2 barrel diameters, be sure to measure before purchasing. Many of the older 223's seem to have had the larger 0.59" barrels. Most of the newer ones have the standard size 0.57" barrels.

These can be fitted to the larger barreled 223's, 410 shotgun and 308 rifle if you shave the barrel down with a special muzzle cutter we have. Email us for details.

This front sight block is best installed by a qualified gunsmith. They are new, unfinished, undrilled and feature a M24x1.5 threaded shroud, bayonet lug and cleaning rod holder. You may have to open the cleaning rod hole depending what type rod you use.

The kit includes drills and pins to install on the barrel as well as the windage drum, vertical sight post, indexing pin, spring and keeper pin.