AK Front Sight Block



These new AK front sight blocks are CNC machined from solid steel. They feature standard AK windage drums and sight posts. They include an index pin and spring to engage muzzle devices and are designed to be slip fit and attach via set screw.

Be sure to measure your barrel where this is to be installed so you order the correct one. If you have any questions or need a specific profile, email me prior to ordering. We're finding the VEPR barrel geometries are varying quite a bit.

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AKFSB57 - Sold Out - $79 - for Saiga 7.62x39, 5.45x39 and the .223 rifles with 0.57" muzzle.

AKFSB59 - Sold Out - $79 - for Saiga .223 rifles with 0.59" muzzle.

AKFSB410T - Sold Out - $79 - for Saiga 410 Shotguns w/AK rear sight.

AKFSB63 - Sold Out - $79 - for Saiga .308 rifles with 0.63" muzzle.

AKFSB67 - Sold Out - $79 - for Saiga .308 rifles with 0.67" muzzle.

AKFSB69 - Sold Out - $79 - for Saiga .308 rifles with 0.69" cut back barrel.

AKFSBV69 - Sold Out - $79 - for Type-1 Vepr rifles w/0.687" barrels.

AKFSBV73 - Sold Out - $79 - for Type-2 and Super Vepr rifles w/0.724" barrels.

AKFSBCUSTOM - $89 - for other rifles with a custom barrel diameter or profile.

NOTE: For custom FSB orders, the FSB is 0.94" long and barrel diameters between 0.50" and 0.75". In the additional info box in the cart, please include diameters at the front and rear of where the sight block will be installed. I can set them up for a taper or step in the barrel as well, I just need the dimensions.

Additional Pics

Shown with AK Bayonet Lug, 24mm Thread Adapter, 24mm AK74 Brake & AK Bayonet