RPK Bolt-On Lower Handguard Retainer

The RPK series of bolt-on retainers allow you to install a RPK lower handguard on your Saiga & Vepr rifles.

These are 100% steel! Aluminum loosens as the rifle heats up because it grows at a faster rate. Beware of cheap copies!

Use of an AK Gas Tube will allow you to use an upper handguard.

This part allows you to avoid having to press off the front sight block and gas block and not have to cut the locking lever notch in the barrel.

Also it's a great way to add U.S. made handguards for one additional compliance part. Install is simple, just tighten the two cap screws after the handguard is on and you are done. There is also a set screw for added bite. The orientation of the upper band to the lower is essential. Look for the I.D. stampings on the front face, they should face forward.


RPKBOR1 series of bolt-on retainers allow you to install a RPK lower handguard on your 5.45x39, .223 & 7.62x39 Saiga rifles.

Conventional Saiga Rifles.

It will also fit AKM's, AK47's & AK74's and the slant-cut receiver Saiga-M's, with barrel diameters of 0.667" at the handguard retainer location.

Saiga-M with slant cut receiver, thumbhole stock, small barrel, forward FCG, and small saiga FSB. Barrel is 0.667" at retainer location.

# RPKBOR1 - $70 - RPK Retainer for Saiga 7.62x39, .223 & 5.45x39 and small barreled Saiga-M rifles


RPKBORM is for the Saiga-M series rifles with the square receiver, 308ish trigger and front sight block. The barrel measures 0.733" at the handguard retainer location.

Saiga-M with square cut receiver, sporter stock, large barrel, 308 type FCG and FSB. Barrel is 0.733" at handguard retainer location.

# RPKBORM - $70 - RPK Retainer for Saiga-M Series Rifles with 0.733" barrel at the handguard retainer location.


RPKBOR2 is for the Saiga-308 rifles.

# RPKBOR2 - $70 - RPK Retainer for Saiga-308 Rifles.


RPKBOR410 is for the Saiga-410 shotguns.

# RPKBOR410 - $70 - RPK Retainer for Saiga-410 Shotguns.


RPKBORVEP is for the Vepr series of rifles including 5.45x39, .223, 7.62x39, .308 & 7.62x54r.

# RPKBORVEP - $70 - RPK Retainer for Vepr Rifles.