Muzzle Cutters for Purchase

Properly size your barrel to thread for the most common threadings. Runs in a simple hand drill with 3/8" chuck. 1" cutters for threading jobs and 2" cutter for installing 74 FSB's. Do not attempt unless you are confident you can handle this operation. All parts sold separately.(cutters, pilots & adapter) NOTE!!! # MCADAPTER is required!

Custom diameter pilots are available for 1" and 2" deep cutters, see the list below. Put a note in the shopping cart with the exact barrel bore diameter needed as well as the make & model firearm the pilot is for. This helps me determine optimum fit.

NOTE!!! # MCADAPTER is required!

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Cutters - 1" & 2" deep - This is the cutter only, you will need a pilot and drill adapter!

# MCUTTER150 - $57 - Cuts 0.8" max dia. down to 0.50" x 1" deep for 1/2-28 threading

# MCUTTER157 - $62 - Cuts 0.9" max dia. down to 0.57" x 1" deep for 14x1LH and 9/16-24 threading

# MCUTTER163 - $67 - Cuts 1.0" max dia. down to 0.63" x 1" deep for 5/8-24 threading

# MCUTTER257 - $87 - Cuts 0.9" max dia. down to 0.57" x 2" deep for 74 FSB Install

Pilots - for 1" & 2" Cutters - these are only the pilots, you need the cutter and adapter as well!

# MCPILOT1545 - $25 for 5.45 Cal barrels & 1" deep cutter

# MCPILOT1223 - $25 for .223 Cal barrels & 1" deep cutter

# MCPILOT130 - $25 for .30/7.62 Cal barrels & 1" deep cutter

# MCPILOT1CUST - $35 for custom diameters & 1" deep cutter

# MCPILOT2545 - $35 for 5.45 Cal barrels & 2" deep cutter

# MCPILOT2223 - $35 for .223 Cal barrels & 2" deep cutter

# MCPILOT230 - $35 for .30/7.62 Cal barrels & 2" deep cutter

# MCPILOT2CUST - $45 for custom diameters & 2" deep cutter

Cutter Adapter - this is only the cutter adapter, you will need a cutter and a pilot as well! The adapter holds the pilot and the cutter concentric with each other.

# MCADAPTER - $60 Sale $30 - 3/4" Cutter Adapter (includes set screws and allen wrench)


DO NOT EXCEED 250RPM! - These have very aggressive teeth so your speeds need to be run as slow as possible. Keep it less than 4 revolutions per second.

Pay careful attention to alignment - If you side load the cutter, you will ruin the tool, bend the pilot, or screw up the barrel and rifling!

Damaged Equipment - If you damage your cutter, I can have them refaced & sharpened for a fee. Contact me for details.

!Do not attempt unless you are confident you can handle this operation!


These cut a full 1" to 2" deep from the muzzle (depending on cutter), so measure and mark the barrel where you need to cut to.

Oil is applied to cutter, barrel and pilot before any cutting is performed.

Periodically stop cutting to clean metal shavings from inside the cutter, bore and pilot and check cutting alignment. Oil should be re-applied before cutting continues.

If you notice it wants to slow down, bind or stops cutting, remove the tool and check the cut surface. Chances are you are side loading it. Simply measure material removal around the barrel and adjust the angle you are holding the drill.


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